Questions to Ask Your Contractor

When deciding who to hire for your remodeling project, you may have referrals and you may really like
different projects by different contractors, but what’s unique about your project and your home, is YOU!
Having a beautiful home at the end of it all is just as important as how you get there, and the trust you
have in your contractor. Here are the best questions you can ask to help you hire someone who can
give you the outcome you desire and a positive working relationship!

1. How do you minimize or control dust during construction?
2. How frequently do you pick up or clean up the job site?
3. Do you or can you provide a construction schedule?
4. What are your working hours? What time do you start in the morning and finish in the afternoon?
5. How will you access the home/site? Do you use a lock box? Who will have the
6. Do you provide a portable toilet for the crew(s) to use during construction?
7. How will you maintain the security of the home or job site?
8. How do you communicate with homeowners/clients? Weekly emails? Are you available by phone,
voicemail, text, etc.?
9. How are changes (also called ‘change orders’) handled?
10. How do you handle unforeseen conditions (circumstances that affect project time or cost, but could
not have been anticipated prior to the start of construction)?
11. Do you offer a warranty on material and labor?
12. What information am I given when the project is completed? Owner’s manuals? Maintenance
13. How many projects do you have going at one time?
14. Who do I call if there’s a project emergency (like a leak, no power, no hot water, etc.)?
15. Who purchases materials? What do you as the contractor purchase? What is the homeowner
supposed to purchase?
16. Are you bonded and insured?
For Kitchen Remodels – Do you set up a temporary kitchen (maybe in a backyard or garage) for
homeowner use?

Design Tip

"One of the least expensive ways to give your home a quick refresh is to change your paint colors, but I am often asked for help doing so, because paint colors aren't always what they seem!  If you've struggled to pick a color, keep in mind that the colors change with the light; you'll want to have a sample in your home and observe how it looks in bright daylight and darker evening light, how it looks in direct sunlight and how it looks in just your interior lighting.  I often suggest selecting a color that's lighter than you think you want because once it's on the walls, it tends to be much stronger/darker than that little paint chip from the store!"

Design Deal

Receive a complementary paint consultation and color selection upon a signed agreement for any other design service. 
(Regularly valued between $140 - $280).